Out of Ideas – Whatcha Got?

I’ve been quiet lately, and that’s mostly because I feel boring. Now, I know I am actually not boring, and I may, in fact, be a bit of a funny girl. I, however, have totally run out of topics to cover. I do have a couple of e-books on the topic (free e-books are awesome). I thought that it would be more fun if my handful of readers gave me topics. So in the spirit of fun, I will cover ANY topic that is suggested to me whether it is heart-breaking or belly busting.

Let the fun commence.

What I did today.

So, I’ve been pretty quiet, but my life has been boring. I’ve been out running a handful of times, including today. I even went for a walk with a friend. So I had a exercise day.

Yesterday was more exciting. I set up a playdate for my son. We went to a lake. It had a life guard and about five kids total. My son is about the size of a 4 year old (but he’s 7). He also cannot swim. My friend was playing with him and let him go. The problem is that her daughter (same age) is much much bigger. He totally went under and she didn’t notice. Luckily, I was nearby and pulled him up (about 5 feet away). He was shoot up, but felt reassured that mom would save him. Later in the day, he actually tried and almost successfully to swim. Generally, he refused to go under at all.

I also put out a fire. Not a campfire, but a fire on the side of the road. It was in the shrubbery around a business. I pulled over and used water from my car to put it out (I had a lot of water). It was only about a square foot when I saw it and pulled over. No one else had stopped. Guess, I did a good thing, ’cause when I went by later it was still out.


Baby band run.

Today, I did my first run with a pregnancy support belt. I’ve pretty much limited myself to 3 milers, but it’s something, right?

Overall, it did help. Baby didn’t like it at first but at the 2 mile mark, I really noticed the difference. The only downside was that I wasn’t faster, but that could have been the sweltering heat.

A Nice Day.

Lately, I’ve been having kinda crappy days. This might be enhanced by not running (I’m waiting for friday to buy a support band). But today was nice. Something that hasn’t happened in a good long time, in fact, has happened.

Yes, I got hit on. Ok, so it has been a long time that someone not high, good-looking, or my own age has hit on me (that’s because I work at a gas station over night on sundays, so I get those types). It was really nice. I certainly didn’t drop the preggo bomb yet, but I did give him my number, which he is currently texting. I’m not sure at what point I should drop that, but I’m going to milk it a bit; my ego could use it. I am, however, rusty like a push mower. Dunno if I’m cutting it :)

2rd New Years Resolution complete.

2rd New Years Resolution complete.

Today, I have completed my second, yes second, resolution. I have run my first 5K.

My time was respectable? 37.05. Well, that’s a crap time, but HELL I’m pregnant. It was also a super crowded race. It totaled 1500 people… on a street. There wasn’t one moment of passing or getting passed; it was the entire way. Even though I didn’t really enjoy it (it was claustrophobia inducing), I will probably do it again.

Today I’m sad.

Today is already scheduled to be difficult. It started with me needing to give my brother a ride to his college, but I woke him up and he’s like, “I’m gonna need a little time; like and hour or more.”  So this leads me to the question of why am I up?

Fair enough, young men are flakes (older ones too). Later today, I have an IEP meeting at my son’s school. This will be unfun. I have to see my ex (and maybe my son, I hope). I get to drive up there but I have no gas, so yay. Then we get to talk about what they plan on doing to stop his Autistic behaviors. He’s been violent, loud, and defiant. This wouldn’t be so bad, but I have told his father that he’s not going back to that school. There may be a fight afterwards, after the teachers disappear. He’s going to be “see they’re doing better,” which I’m going to disagree with.

Today, I also made the horrible mistake of weighing myself. I’m way more heavy than I thought. Admittedly, it’s probably more intestinal backup than real weight. It doesn’t hurt less though. With that, I am promptly returning to mostly vegan, mostly because I’ll keep a few vegetarian meals a week. I’m going to try my hardest not to see this as a diet. I know it’s wrong, but it will at least help with the back up, so I can know how big I’ve actually gotten, so that I can adjust my intake from there.

So, I’m sad today. Hopefully, my Aunt takes me for the promised shopping trip today, but I’m not expecting it. She’s the biggest welch on the planet. Yeah, sad.

Did I mention my long term lack of love life? Who wants to date a pregnant chick?

So, milestones?

Today was nice. I didn’t have time for a run, so I did a ten minute workout before work. Either it was good or I’m sore from yesterday, probably the later.

I did, however, get a slightly bigger pay check this week, $20 bigger. So I did a little shopping. I bought 3x 5 pairs of gerber onesies at 3 dollars a pop (so 15 total) and maternity shorts for a total of about about $15. This is the first real baby stuff I bought so that’s exciting.

I also told some of my close family today, so it was a nice day.

I did a run.

Well, mostly. I set one of my New Years goals as running a 5k. The specific one I wanted to run is the 14th. So today I wanted to give the 5k a new test run. I’ve been maxing out pretty quick. After the pregnancy problems holding me from running, I’m way low on the mileage. Today, I did 1.5 and 1.5. Not on purpose! I got a call 1.5 in that I had to take.

I only totaled 4 today. My bladder beat me :(

Oh, did I mentioned it was raining? I ran in the frickin’ RAIN!

It’s been a while, I’m boring

I’m boring. The reason has been half boring, half real life shit.

There has been a big downslide for the last couple of weeks with my son. He got the idea that when he’s bad in school he comes home. He does, so he’s biting, hitting, throwing, and screaming. It’s been stressful. He’s even been doing it at home, now. Today, I called the local police to have them talk to him about hitting. It didn’t go great, but they were very nice.

The baby and son have squashed my energy to run. I haven’t had the time or the sleep to do it, but I feel lost without it. I’ve developed a wonderful food aversion to soft veggies. Awesome, it was my diet. I’ve felt so fat and stressed out. I miss my run zen. I still want to run, but life keeps eating my free time. I hope to convince myself to go back to a healthy diet.

I didn’t realize how much harder the weight has been to deal with this time. I’ve gained 5-6lbs, but it feels like a hundred. Because of the extra skin from the first, my stomach has changed so much more drastically than the first time. I’ve already had the balance/back shift too. None of my pants fit. This is overwhelming to my recovered-food brain. The urges are so much harder to bare with the anorexia. I’m still eating; I’ve fought remarkably and have maintained my recovery, so go me.

I think I might do a series of pregnancy fit video reviews to give myself something to look forward to.

Unrelated note, I’m pretty sure I saw a penis on the 12 week ultrasound, even though you generally can’t. The ultrasound tech agreed, but said don’t buy anything yet, just in case. My hope for dresses have been dashed.

The unfun Run

So this week, I got two, count em’, two runs in this week. This has been the first time in about a month I’ve felt healthy enough to do one.  And THEY SUCKED!

Seriously, I ran as fast as I walk. I broke it up into 1.5 mile runs with walk in-between. Generally, I don’t do that, ’cause I have never been good at going after stopping, but I was trying to keep my core temp down for the baby. I only did about 4.5 on day one and 3 on day two.

It felt like my first runs in February in last year. I felt slow. My joints hurt. I think I even waddled :(

But it was a run, and I was happy to do it. I missed it and hope that soon it will not hurt so much and I’ll be able to go a better distance.

What’s up?

Well, sorry for the long awaited update. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

Let me start with the wedding. The girl that had screwed me at the party continued at the wedding. She took the ring and tried to take control of the wedding party. The bride let her, but whatever. My oldest friend has no spine. Found out she’s moving to Maine in August. Other than that the wedding with beautifully.

Next, I had a very unsuccessful run.

I had had very light bleeding for a week. I went to the doctors, but everything was fine. After the run, I discovered that exercise exacerbated it. So I have not done any exercise… I’m packing on the pounds. This was probably a good decision, seeing as how I ended up in the ER last Thursday with bleeding. It was pretty terrifying. On the brightside, every thing was ok and I stopped bleeding on Saturday.

Other bad news, my godfather died on Weds. My cousin flew in (her father), as I was in a hospital. I got her from the train station. I spent most of the week babysitting her. She’s a “recovering” alcoholic. I know that she has been waiting for the family to fall asleep and drinking. So far, I know about a 1/2 bottle of vodka and 1/2 bottle run and a bottle of wine. I found a hidden nip too, so yeah recovering my arse.

Lastly, my next appointment is for Tuesday. I invited my mother to see the ultrasound, so hopefully it will go well. I haven’t been eating vegan, but I going back (hard to turn down free food). I really hope that I get cleared to move around. I’m bored outta my mind. My son’s vacation sucked, since we haven’t been able to do anything. Yesterday was supposed to be our big adventure day, but I spent it in the hospital with my cousin instead. I have to work tonight, do the funeral tomorrow, and bring my cousin and my son back Friday. /Sigh

15 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Runner



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Whether you’ve got your eye on a certain special runner, or if you’ve already got one in your life, there’s a few things you should know!


15)Runners, on average need to be fed every 2 hours. Otherwise we enter a state known as H-ANGRY. This is irritable rage that possesses a runner when our blood sugar drops below 50% carb. Under no circumstances ask a runner to answer a question or perform a complex task when H-ANGRY. For example, moving our muddy compression socks from the kitchen work top.

Hangry Bunny
Hangry Bunny Is H-AngryThe best foods to get us out of this state are pasta, rice and cake.

14)If you’ve got a foot fetish you might wanna look for a date in other sport. Our feet are nasty.

hobbitfeet 13)Be prepared for some nasty conversations about bodily functions

12)All runners, male or female are obsessed with shoes to the point…

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75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run

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75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run

“I don’t even like running.” posted on April 3, 2014 at 4:57pm EDT


1. What a beautiful day for a run!
2. This sucks.
3. Well, five miles is only two and half miles each way, which is basically two miles each way, so I’m really only running four miles. That’s not too far.
4. It’s starting to feel far.
5. How long have I been running? A year?
7. I can barely remember what my life was like before I started this run.
8. OK, concentrate. There are still four-plus miles to go.
9. But who counts the first and last mile? This is pretty much an easy three miler.
10. Oh, shit! A fellow jogger!
11. Should I wave?
12. I’m totally gonna wave.
13. OOOK, they didn’t wave back. Never doing that again.
14. Just keep running, no one saw. Except that old guy who may or may not be averting his eyes.
15. Man, I think I’m hitting that “second wind” thing my gym coach was talking about.
16. Wait, never mind. I’ve been running down a decline.
17. If I leap to avoid dog shit, does that make me a CrossFit athlete?
18. What the heck is CrossFit anyway?
19. Mental reminder: Google CrossFit when I get home.
20. If I ever get home.
21. If I had a heart attack right now, I wonder who would find my body.
22. OMG, I hope I never find a dead body. Joggers always find dead bodies.
23. Bodies. Body. Bod-ay. Runnin’ all day, no one can catch … may.
24. OK, I must be halfway done by now.
25. What?! Only two miles in?
26. Alright, stay focused. What am I going to eat when I get home?
27. I’m running five miles so I should probably eat five slices of pizza.
28. Or I could buy one pizza and ask them to cut it into five slices.
29. I should probably get a side salad too.
30. …
31. Fuck the salad actually.
32. Man, what are these people doing in front of me? Walking?!
33. Is this a contest to see who’s the worst at walking? Because you are both champions in my heart.
34. Maybe if I pound my feet on the ground they’ll hear me coming and let me pass.
35. Oh, God. They didn’t turn around and now I’m right behind them. They’re going to think they’re getting mugged by the world’s sweatiest criminal.
36. You know what? Now seems like a good time to run in the street.
37. * Jumps off curb * Parkour!
38. Hi hi hi please don’t hit me with your car.
39. Pedestrian pedestrianizing over here, let me cross.
40. Thank you, Mr. Blue Honda. I’m trying to smile at you but it probably looks like I’m having a stroke.
41. Actually, I wonder what I look like right now.
42. * Checks out reflection in shop window * Yeesh.
43. Is that what I look like when I run? What am I, a newborn deer with a drinking problem?
44. Whatever, I must be almost done by now.
45. Heck yes. Three miles down, two to go. It’s all downhill from here.
46. Except for that very real uphill in front of me. God damnit.
47. Wait, is that… Is that…
48. A DOG!
49. Hi dog! You are so cute. You are now my mascot. I will finish this run for you, pup.
50. And — hello — what do we have here? Your human is pretty cute too.
51. Hope you like drunk fawns, Cute Human.
52. Watch my bambi ass prance up this hill.
53. Holy shit, prancing is exhausting. I am exhausted.
54. Honestly, I don’t even like running.
55. Why do I even run?
56. Why does anyone even run?
57. Why are we even alive?
58. OK, let’s not go down that road.
59. Focus. Focus on that sweet, delicious ‘za waiting at the finish line, calling your name with its cheesy breath.
60. Wait, less than one mile to go? I am KILLING this run.
62. YES, including ostriches.
63. Honestly, I should sign up for a marathon.
64. What is it, like 30 miles?
65. That’s just 15 miles each way, which is practically 10, and 10 is twice five, and I can run five miles EASY.
66. That’s it, I’m doing it. Thirty miles.
67. Thirty-mile marathon…30-mile marathon…30 Rock marathon.
68. On second thought, I’ll probably just binge-watch every episode of 30 Rock. That takes a lot of dedication and I will be winded from laughing so hard.
69. But I could probably do a marathon IF I wanted.
70. OK, almost home. Should I shower first and order pizza or order pizza and shower before it shows up?
71. Yep, definitely ordering first. I earned that shit.
72. Oh, no. Oh god no. Another runner. Should I wave?
73. No, be strong! Do not get burned again.
74. OMG, SHE waved first! Hello! Yes! We are both runners! Look at us run!
75. I guess running’s not so bad.

Things I’ve done this week.

A few short runs and a day at the gym.


Met a doctor I didn’t like. The search goes on.

Worked an extra shift.

Had an appointment with my son’s psychologist and the school to address his behavior. The psychologist didn’t show, even though it was set up expressly for her. It was productive anyways. I now know that my son has more difficulties with his father, so there was a bonus.

Broke my 1 year of thrift clothes buying attempt. I found a bally’s hoodie for 2 dollars, and 2 skirts for 3 bucks each. Who can resist that?! I need some new bottoms, since my stomach is already tender. I also have almost no short sleeve shirts for work. Some of the stuff I bought will not work now; I also put away some of my tighter clothes so I can ignore the temptation.

Got asked by a pimp, if I would like to be a hoe. I took it as a compliment to my looks.