Vegan Food Rant

I became a vegan recently. I can’t pretend it was for some noble reason; it’s because I love meat. If I eat meat, I pretty much nix all other things from my diet. For a while (a year), I was a vegetarian, but I thought I give vegan a try and see the difference. I do feel better, but I find three major draw backs:

1. I have to cook two meals at once, one for me and one for the family.

2. I’m ALWAYS a little hungry. I go from ‘I could nibble’ to ‘I gonna keel over and die’ hungry it 2 seconds flat.

3. Vegan food can taste good, but meat/dairy taste really good too. They have a name for processed fatty snacks called “hyperpalatable” food. There is good reason for it!

But in my own defense, I do feel better. I lost a little weight. I have a slow metabolism (which I post about at some point), so food is an enemy. It also reduces my food anxiety, which is a big deal. I did suffer from anorexia for a while, and this is always a hurdle. Like an addict, stress makes not eating sound so good! But I climb on!


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