Running Playlist

Something that I thought would be good to share is the main portion of my playlist. I have short legs (I’m short all over), so I tend to use higher bpm music. Feel free to reply with some of your favorite songs to run to!

1901                          Phoenix

Affirmation               Savage Garden

Can’t Hold Us           Macklemore

Catch All the Fish     Brad Paisley

Counting Stars         One Republic

Genesis                     Grimes

Good Feeling             Flow Rider

Hey Mama                 Mat Kearney

I love it                       Icona Pop

I’m Rolling                 Soul Coughing

I’m Shipping Up to Boston  Dropkick Murphys

Mountain Sound       Of Monsters and Men

Out of My League      Fitz and the Tantrums

Recovery                     Frank Turner

Right Here Right Now  Fatboy Slim

Sand Storm                 Darude

Summer Breeze 2000 Aphrodite

Take a Walk                 Passion Pit

We Run the Night       Havana Brown

Lastly, everyone needs a power song; so this is the song that I go max for whenever it comes on:

B O B (Bombs over Baghdad)  Outkast


4 thoughts on “Running Playlist

  1. Great list. I love listing to Phoenix as well. Pretty much all of these are on my list- we will have to compare for future runs 🙂

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