First Half Marathon Length Run

I sit here in agony and with a big grin. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I have run my first 13 mile run. By mile 11, I was running on pure grit alone, but I pushed and achieved my goal! It doesn’t matter how slow those last miles were because I kept chugging along (it took me 3 hours, and I think I spent 30mins on the last 2 miles). It’s strange to think in February, I was so ill that I couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs without a break. Today, I made it to the peak of my first mountain, and I can’t be happier. My goal was to be able to run a half marathon by April; well, I decimated that goal!

Now, as I sit in my pain, I wait for the game 5 of the world series. Today was a good day. And for all my bigger friends out there, I’m not a tiny, skinny thing, and I did it. Can’t wait to see the next finish line with all those people who are great runners and those that think they aren’t too!


This is my commemorative pic 😉


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