Views from Blackstone River Bike Greenway

This is my plan for tomorrow, so long as I don’t feel worse.

Lydia Rogers

Are you looking for a way to enjoy Rhode Island’s gorgeous scenery on crisp, sunny autumn days?  Try the Blackstone River Bike Greenway!
I took these pictures on  part of the trail just off the rest area of I-295 North in the Cumberland/Lincoln RI area.

The bikeway is partially completed, and when finished, is expected to connect the 48 miles between Providence RI and Worcester MA.

There is an online map which shows the entire planned route as well as information about the status of each segment of the bikeway.

The Blackstone River Bikeway Association says the bikeway will connect 15 cities and towns as well as intersect with the East Bay Bike Path.  The path is designed to run along the Blackstone River and Blackstone Canal when possible, according to the Association.

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