Little engine that couldn’t.

Yesterday, I logged my normal 10 miles jaunt at my favorite hilly loop, but, for the first time, I actually timed myself. My first 5 miles I logged about a 10:30 mile, but I really was disappointed in those 30 seconds; I knew I could do a little better that that, and I expected to do a 10 min mile. It got worse from there. I was hurting! I felt a bit under the weather even though I couldn’t pin point why.

Well, darn it! I was right. By bed time, I started hacking up a lung. Today, I woke up feeling like poo, so I didn’t do my new run which I was very excited to do. So, today, I will take it easy.

I decide that the appropriate thing was to take a sick selfy (and I generally don’t do selfies), and I made it my gravatar, lol. Now I’m going to go and start cooking myself some oatmeal bars and pumpkin soup or pumpkin macaroni. I might even pick my son up in jammies.   🙂


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