The Bipolar Day

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. My son had to finish his homework (which brought us both to tears); we were late to school. I got insulted the minute I walk in the house. I spent most of the day sleeping or in tears. I didn’t bring myself to eat much. Even today, I don’t feel much like eating. Most days, I feel pretty good even though even my 6 year old says I never smile. Yesterday was not one of those days. I haven’t had a day like that since I left my ex-husband.

I did have one good note yesterday, I had a fabulous run. I was still a bit under the weather, but I decided to go for an undetermined length run. I planned on about an hour. It was the second time I ran this path (but I hadn’t run in that direction). I just kind of explored the area. I had so much fun that I just kept going. In total, it was over 10 miles but might have been even longer than 12 miles. Such a bad day, but such a great run. I also saw some awesome dams around the run that I may have to take some pictures.


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