New Addition

I was thinking about adding a bit more flavor to the workout schedule. Since I am so far beyond the goal that I set for April, I thought it would be good to vary it up a bit. First, I think I am going to do one or two measured runs every week; any other runs will be fun runs. Next, I am going to try to add at least 10 mins, 6x a week of some other kind of workout. Most likely, I will do a short yoga. I am also debating on doing p90x/insanity workouts once or twice a week. I don’t have time to do it everyday, because I spend 10 hours a week running.

Is 10 min workouts even worth my time? I hope so. At one point my biceps where about 18in, but now they are about 12in. I feel weak, so I do want to add some mass there, but not 6in, lol. I am doing a few push ups and assisted handstands during the day, but I think I need more.


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