Busting the Hump

Today’s run was pretty good even after my 4 day break. I ran a new place, but it was not as pretty as I had hoped. I ran the first half in 63 minutes and the second half in 70, so My pacing was pretty good, but I would like to see a smaller gap. I ran for a total of 11 miles. That puts my mph at 5.2/4.7. I really am trying to get to 6 mph for 6 miles (maybe I should do just 6 miles to see the difference). This run, however, I just went an hour[ish] out and back. I didn’t map it until after I got home.

The most interesting part of the run was at the 10.5 mark. At that point, a woman with my body type ran past me. It made me really angry at myself. Now at this point, I did a ‘WTF brain’ moment. This similar woman (who was a casual runner; you can tell by the calves) was walking before. I knew this because I had passed her. Here I am at 2+ hours in, and I got mad she was faster when she had just started? Seriously?! Well, after a bit of inner chiding, I thought to myself: “Did she just start running because she had a similar body type girl run past her; was she mad at herself too?” After this, she ran for about 1.5 mins more and walked. I passed her… but I didn’t feel better. That’s messed up brain! I did awesome!


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