Beauty in the Beast

As I have taken up this hobby of blogging, one theme that I have noticed is the theme of beauty. So many people are sitting there talking at what makes people beautiful. How can they be beautiful if they eat what they want, if they cut their arms, if they weigh too much? I think it’s past time to talk about what is beautiful.

People get so caught up in the eyes and ears of others that they lose what beautiful is. Beauty is a sunset on the water and the smile of a child. Beauty is a timeless thing that lasts on forever. Beauty is everywhere. Beauty isn’t how you look or what you lift. Beauty is a full on melt down over a lost sock. Beauty is that chocolate cake that you’ve purged.

Beauty is something inside everyone. Even when you are at your darkest, beauty is burning inside you. It may not always be the brightest flame, but it’s always there waiting to be nurtured. Being the healthiest and happiest you is the best way to take that flame and turn it into a raging inferno that everyone can see. But even when you don’t think you’re worth it, the flame is still lit inside waiting to shine on.

Through all the darkness I read, I want everyone to know that, even in your words, I can see that beauty inside you, and when no one else is in your corner, this perfect stranger is cheering for you. When you are stuck in your silence, I’m still shouting that you’re worth it. Even when you don’t believe it, you are.



One thought on “Beauty in the Beast

  1. I’m with you. One of the changes in my life has been the decision to find the beauty in every day. As a rule, I take photos daily and post one each day, spotlighting something beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

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