Friday’s run :(

On Wed, I had a most fabulous run. I tried to repeat it on Friday, but, alas, it was not to be. By ten minutes in, I did not feel right. I could not pin point it, so I just assumed it was from eating right before the run (I usually do it 30 mins before). By 15 mins in, I felt even more off. I thought it was best to turn around and just call it a bust. After 20 minutes, my chest began to tighten.

I just went home and did my plank/push up challenge. I was horribly disappointed with my slight chest pain. I spent months earlier in the year absolutely debilitated by it. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t ever gone away completely, but it’s shorter and less painful now. Friday, I felt so close to a true attack, and I wasn’t terrified; I was f*cking angry. Angry at myself and angry at my body. I’m tried of waiting on the agony to come back. On the bright side, it reminds me why I run in the first place. I know I can beat this.


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