Monday Grind – Half Marathon.2

Hello world! Today I had a most excellent run. It was such a nice day out (in the mid 60s) that I HAD to take advantage. I doubt another day like this will come. I charged up the new mp3 player and had a handful of new songs in it (I really, almost shamefully, enjoyed Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’). I ran 13.8 miles! I was unaware I was so close to 14 until I got to the cool down walk. I’m using a new place with markers, so I kind of eye balled it.

This run is my PR (personal record). It’s the farther than I have ever gone. I’m also going to say it’s faster, but only because I didn’t actually time my other half marathon run. The end stats?

Total time: 166 minutes (2hr 46min)

Total Distance: 13.8miles

First Half Time: 78 min

First Half Pace: 11min 18sec

Second Half Time: 88 min

Second Half Pace: 12min 45sec


Overall? Pretty respectable. I only had a 10min difference which should have been 11min, because I ran 0.1 miles more in the beginning that I’m not counting in the distance but am counting in the time (this is to make my math easier because I didn’t really measure it pre-run). I feel pretty good. I have a little muscle soreness, but it’s not that bad. I have a chaffing under my arm from friction with my tatas, but I have no blisters! No blisters is big, because I have been getting them a lot lately. I’m in need of shoes, but also the cash to get said shoes. I’m banking on santa’s help.


On a semi-related note, I’m nixing the plank challenge, because it seems to be really effected my pushups and runs. I had a great day, so now I’m going to go make up some snack for the week and eat a little chocolate!


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