For all my online friends, I would like you to know that I too fall off the food wagon sometimes. While I eat vegan at home, I don’t in restaurants (I would like to retain the ability to digest animal products). Today, though, I cheated. I had four pieces of Chorize from a local well known deli/pastry place. It was delicious! I don’t feel bad.



2 thoughts on “Cheat

  1. I had never heard of Chorize prior to this. I have to try it. More importantlis what you said – don’t feel bad. I think that it’s ok to have little pitstops along the way. I do on occasion, and I used to regret those pitstops or falling off of the wagon. As long as I don’t make my pitstops long weekends, then I recover quickly!


    1. It’s funny how people think that small falls equal big set backs. It’s ok to have a little of pretty much anything bad so long as it’s not forever. Make your liver do its job, lol. Plus, last time I was a vegetarian, I got sick after eating meat. I’m not cool with that. I’ll have my Turkey next week and be vegan the day after.

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