Winter plans.

I am beginning to hate the cold, so I have been racking my brain for something to replace some of my runs until my new gym opens. So until Dec 10th, I need a new plan. I’m shite at the treadmill; it makes me dizzy. I don’t have a gym. So what will I do.


I think that my new run plan is going to be 14/10/5 miles over the week. The really long runs are eating so much time. I think I’m going to either interval train or strength train twice a week. Let me make the goal of a single pull up  in April. I have not been able to do a pull up since I was 18 (and an avid fencer). 


Before I can do swimming and classes in my new gym, I’m going to have to pick up something. I am leaning to pylometric interval training, but I’m afraid that it will make me too sore to run. Anyone else got a good idea? I like yoga, but I don’t think it will give me the strength training I want.


Anyone got any ideas?


One thought on “Winter plans.

  1. Yea I don’t know what to do about the winter… This is my first year running in the winter and I don’t know if I should stick mostly to the treadmill over the winter. We got our first real snow today (grrrr). I was hopinh to get more outside run ins before the snow…. 😥

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