Long day.

I had an intense 24 hours today. Last night, my grandfather fell and hit his head. While falling, he broke his toilet. So, my brother and I had to clean him up, clean up the bathroom, and we took him to the hospital. He has a minor concussion. This meant a late night and a early morning. I had to check on him all night. Well, I got up early.

Then I had a job interview which I blew outta the water. If my paperwork is good, I have it in the bag (crosses fingers). It’s only part time but it’s better than nothing. Then I installed a toilet; that was fun. What else could happen? Well, apparently, my car could start making a grinding noise. I don’t know how to feel about today.


5 thoughts on “Long day.

  1. I hope that your grandfather is doing well. On the positive side, you aced the interview and learned how to install a toilet. Now, if you car behaves tomorrow will be better.

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