Well, I had a good turkey day. I ate meat, as I do on all big holidays. I enjoyed the taste; it was awesome. I did shots while I was cooking (I liked this part). I had a good turkey dinner. It didn’t take long for the cramps and pain to kick in. It was almost as soon as I stopped eating. Seeing as how I don’t eat meat normally, I always have this problem, but the great quantities of turkey made it much worse. I was ok with it. Today, I feel like I have greasy rocks in my gut. Guess, I just need to flush it out. I’ll get back to running soon, but I’m not pushing my body today; it’s mad already.

That wasn’t the bad portion of my day. My car is a mess. Apparently the “brake check” at oil changes means nothing, because my brakes are very shot. Had to replace the drums and stuff. This is awful because I don’t have a job. I almost cried when the mechanic called to say he had to switch the back too. Well, that didn’t happen because the front was $230 and who can afford that? My mother paid for the big bill. I feel so ashamed. It’s crushing. I know that fixing my car is literally taking present for x-mas away from my son. I can’t buy him anything, so family gifts are all he will get. Bad days, bad days.


8 thoughts on “Arg

  1. That’s terrible. It’s tough when it happens, but even more this time of year. I had taken my truck in for an inspection sticker in August. 650 dollars later I got it back. Ball joints and pulleys had gone. I had promised my boys a great end to their summer and that got completely destroyed. I felt awful about, but my boys know that I would have if I could have. I hope that the days ahead improve for you.

  2. I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but time will get better. From what I have read from you, you are so strong! I know how it feels with financial stuff, with my mom and all that in the past. It’s all good now though. Same will happen to you! ❤

  3. So sorry, I really hate car issues, too. Boy, do they add up. And always come at a bad time. I’m glad your mom helped you although I realize it’s not easy to accept that help. I’ll bet your son feels incredibly loved. I hope things look up soon for you.

  4. how old is your son? does he have obsessions?
    i know how hard it is to look at your kid and think “damn! what am i going to do?” bills pushed to the limit and rent is due. one year we were super broke and couldn’t slide on any bills bc they were in cut-off status. both our oldest and middle sons have birthdays in december plus christmas. well, our middle son jeff loves to cook and one of his favorite foods is ramen noodles so we went to the asian market and got him a few packages of ramen noodles, the good stuff not the kind from walmart. he was so happy he cried.

    1. He’s six. He does have obsessions, but he’s easy. It’s me that’s more upset. All my bills are in collection already. It’s no win. Just gotta stay strong.

      1. yes i totally understand! here the dept of human services will sometimes pay your electric bill or gas bill at certain times. are there any resources like that in your area?
        it is so hard to focus on anything else when you are worrying about money. other things that are super important are pushed to the back of the mind when money is tight. i know for myself when we are having issues, with money or adjustments to newness, i spend so much time and energy focusing on those problems it will set me back miles physically just because i only have a certain amount of energy.

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