Hell week?

Hello, my blogsphere friends. Today is another day of bad. It started ok. Little late dropping off the kid for school. Then, I went for a fun run. When my son is with me (his father and I do 50/50), I run in three places. I run a bike path, park, or trails. I rarely run the trails, but today I did. The deciding factor on the place was one thing. The bikepath has no bathroom (but I run long distance there anyway), the park has a port-a-john, and the trails have a large indoor bathroom. Well, I didn’t feel like going in the cold, so…


I did a trail I haven’t done in a while, but this trail is intensive. It’s not for the faint of heart, but I did it anyways. It’s all hills, roots, boulders, loose rocks, and slippery leaves. If you don’t have excellent ankle strength, this is near impossible. Except for two small 10 foot sections, I ran the whole thing(two spots were too dangerous to run). The worst part about this is the big hill.

Ok, there are actually two hills, but one is long and hard and the other is sheer insanity. The first time I ran it, I had to stop twice with chest pain. The last time I ran it I did it 3 times to prove I could, but I was so wiped and sore (I couldn’t even run back through to my car). This time I did it all. I’m not even very sore. I don’t think I did the hills any faster, but was faster overall.


Now, why hell week? Well later in the day, I hit a car. I just took some paint, no dents or anything. This was my first accident. I’ve been driving for many years. I have no money to fix this persons car. It ruined my mood. I’m not cheerful, but I am ok now. I’m just going to wipe this week under the rugs and start fresh tomorrow.


I should be starting a part time job (I have it, but until all the paperwork comes in I won’t call it mine). I even have another part time job that I am trying to snag, so maybe tomorrow it will come together somehow. Wish me (good) luck! Keep climbing.


4 thoughts on “Hell week?

  1. Sorry to hear you hit a car, but congratulations on the run! I wish I could still run like that but right now I can’t even walk to the end of my street.

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