My Workout Break Down.

While the holidays have been hectic with the new job (I got my first paycheck today, yay!), I have actually been exercising. I have not been able to do many long runs in the last week and some odd days, but I have been swimming and doing a few classes at the new gym. There is a plus, because I’ve had to cut down the the days that I can run due to the new job, I have up the ante on those days. So on my two 10 milers, I spent a good amount of time swimming first. It’s my secret goal to do a half-ironman this year, so I’m working a bit on this. Mostly though, since I hit my goal of being able to do half marathon distance long before my April date, I plan on just working on the whole body. I realized that I’ve lost so much muscle in my arms since I started running, I want some back. Now, if only I could get to a Zumba class…


Happy Holidays!

2013-12-21 19.42.27


2 thoughts on “My Workout Break Down.

  1. Yay for money!!! Oh, while I’m at it, congratulations on the new job!

    Good job with the exercising. Just because it’s not for as long as you normally do, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. Something is better than nothing, right?

    Doing a half-ironman would be SO COOL! That’s a great goal to work towards. I can’t wait to follow your progress until then and eventually, reading your post about it.

    For the muscles, I would suggest increasing your protein and lifting small weights. I know you’re a vegetarian, so I’ve done some of the research for you: I hope that helps! Anyway, keep up your positivity and your efforts. You’re doing wonderful! 🙂

    BTW, you were the 200th like on my blog! Thanks! 🙂

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