The New Year’s Goal: Fitness

This goal is the one I worry about flatlining in, but I’m staying positive that it’s a true life style change and not a fad (10 months is a long time for a ‘fad’, anyways). So here are my fitness goals.

1. I want to be able to run 20 miles. I have 6 to go. I think this is totally doable.

2. I want to climb a mountain. I have it picked out already. It’s small, and two hours away. I’ll know I’ll bang this out as soon as the weather warms up.

3. I want to try some new trails. Let’s say 6 new trails to make it more concrete. This is a minor goal.

4. I want to start biking tandem with my son. Wish me luck. This takes funds, lol. It would help if he could ride on his own, but you make do. Besides, he’s too big for a stroller and too lazy to do any long distance activity. His unwillingness is strange, because he is a firecracker and high energy.

5. I want to run 6 races. I hope I can start with a 5k on Jan. 12th, but life might interfere. It’s $15 dollars, but this might be too much right now. Frickin’ sad, right? I will, however, do the Gaspee 5k come hell or high water. I also will make sure there is a half marathon in there somewhere.

These are my goals for the year. I have a couple of things that I hope will come true, but they’re back seat to these. Those two things are: doing a pullup and a split.


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