The New Year’s Goal: GMR

This is my next goal in the series. This goal is a good one, I think. I’d like to do more to embrace a GMR lifestyle. “What’s that?” you ask. Well, I guess you should ask , ’cause I totally made up the acronym. Here is the break down:

1. GREEN. I’d like to be more green. I want to buy local and use less. I want to look for used options and cleaner methods. Toward this goal, I’d like to make detergent and soap at least once this year. I want to give greener gifts also, so I’d like to make something like infused moonshine or wine to gift later in the year or next Christmas. I also want to weed out some processed stuff out of my vegan diet.

2. MINIMIZE. I want to adopt a more minimalist attitude towards life and my possessions. I want to own less and be happier. I want to take my commune with nature even farther and I want to pass this to my son.

3. RECYCLE. I want to commit to recycling more. When I had my own place, it was easy. I recycled everything that was possible. I want to go back to that, even if no one else in the house will. I want to upcycle my personal space. Reuse more and reduce my large footprint.

So ends my GMR goal!


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