The New Year’s Goal: Last-in-Spirit

My last goal for the new year is to work on my inner self. I want to be more calm/zen. I want to explore my spirituality. I want to find a partner that is worthy, but I want it to happen organically (this one is only half in my hand). I want to do more with my son. I want more patience. I want to be happier. I know, I can have all these when I become an even better me.

How can I do this?

1. Be healthier

2. Get my GMR on. (see the GMR post @ )

3. Some boxing and yoga.

4. Meditation

5. Philosophizing

6. Decluttering my life

7. Working on my self-love and forgiveness

8. Giving

9. Search so religious-y spiritualness

10. Learn some new language even in the ones I know.

Got anymore to add? I’d love generous input!


6 thoughts on “The New Year’s Goal: Last-in-Spirit

  1. This is one of my big focuses for 2014, part of defining the “Best ME”. I’m still working out how to go about doing it but I love your ideas. My other focuses are my physical and mental self, working out what I’m capable of and how to maintain and increase this so I feel happy with my life.

  2. I am going to learn a new word every day:

    I also think it would be good to read a joke every day. Because laughter is so important!

    And it’s funny you mentioned another language. One of my gf’s & I found our “Nos Amis” text/workbook from high school. I found the text and she spotted it last time she was over, then she found the workbook this week. We determined it was a sign and are going to meet on Wed eves to re-learn French 1! Starting this week. 🙂

    Your lists look great!

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