X-MAS fun

So Christmas went well. My son liked all of his gifts. He even woke up right after Santa came to open his gifts. He got his CD player, his boombox, Flip-eeze, and Bill Nye DVDs. I only had him for the Eve since it was his father’s turn for Christmas this year. While, it may suck, I’m a veteran of this joint custody thing now and was spiritually ready for it this time.




So after all of the fun, The next day, Christmas, my family had a small ham dinner. I like an omnivore for two days prior so that this time I would feel like crap for a couple of days versus the agony of childbirth-like proportions that occurred on Thanksgiving when I partook of said dinner. It worked. My family played some games. I even got to drink from a marvelous home-made Fennel Flower Liquor (like a super sweet sambuca). It was all kinds of cheer.



So beautiful!


I even got some awesome gifts. I got $150 too, which I have already mostly spent, but it was nice to have some money to spend for a change. I bought some practical things, like an oil change, a full tank of gas, female necessities, and Subway when I was out today, but I also got some other fun things with it. I got a new pair of running shoes for $16, because I had a 20% off coupon and they were clearance. I got 5 dollar pair of swim goggles. Lastly, I got a 20 dollar pair of boxing gloves, because I borrowed my brother’s and now I have skinned knuckles (I literally have child sized hands; think ten year old boy sized hands and feet). I also got a hat with headphones inside for running, and an awesome shirt (prepare to feel all jelly) as presents this year.




So I’m ready to rock this coming year and I’m inviting everyone along. May your days be like this:



One thought on “X-MAS fun

  1. It looks like your son was very happy on Christmas Eve! Although your car problems caused lots of issues for you, it all came together in time for Christmas. Looks like a very festive and happy Christmas with your family!

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