I lied. I have one more essential goal.

As many of you know, I left a horrible and short marriage this year. In fact, the first of the year is my one year anniversary. In all honesty, technically, I’m still married. I don’t know where my ex lives, so it’s kinda implausible to be legal divorced. More of a reason is that he used my savings on lawyer bills he needed in the few months we were together that he would ‘pay back’. I do have emails etc to that effect, which is why he ran. The problem is he put me thousands into debt. He had utilities he didn’t take ownership of and the like. Needless to say, I’m drowning in debt now. My credit score is tanked. Even though I will only make about 700 take home(a little less from my two part time jobs), my goal is to pay some of that back to get my credit score up somehow, or that dream of owning a house is gone. I even have 4k in a IRA i can’t touch until I’m divorced. I’m starting with my smallest 3 bills which I plan to have paid by march. I do have school money that will come in but that’s for my best friend’s bachelorette party and a lawyer to hunt my ex-best friend down. Wish me luck. I’m going to rock 2014, even if I rock it poorly.


7 thoughts on “I lied. I have one more essential goal.

  1. Stay strong. We all get challenged in life, some are harder than others, and sometimes they come in bundles. I know it must be overwhelming, but keep a positive outlook for your child and your own sanity. I wish this coming year, and every one after that, brings you the peace, strength, and financial stability you need. 🙂

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