The One Word

I was perusing the blogs, as I usually do, when came to a post by OliveToRun. It spoke about following (or not) our New Years resolutions. While most of mine are just an extension of my everyday goals (or a verbalization of them), I did like her idea. She says instead of coming up with resolutions, she is going to pick one word to work on. This got me to thinking (or not) of what my word would be. It took no time; I have done this before after my first failure in marriage. The word is something that, while I may not accomplish everyday, I do pretty well most of the time.


(I’ve got mad Bitmap skills; feel free to steal my picture.)

This year, I vow to do my best to love myself. I vow to do my best to love my world. I vow to spread this love even when I don’t have enough to give. I do try to do this, remember it’s my resolution from years ago. I hope that even by reading this, I’m tossing this little pebble into the world. I want to watch the ripples spread. Maybe someday they will come back, and if they don’t at least I’ve made this permanent mark in the world. Love is truly forever.


2 thoughts on “The One Word

  1. This is the first new year that I don’t have a word! But I think its going to be NOW. Living in the moment. Right here. Right NOW!

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