The Grind


A long day. Got up, went to work. Came home and cleaned the kitchen. Then I hosted a DIY wedding crafting session for my bestie. Then, we went to the gym. Did 20 mins on the stepper (this is my favorite of the big equipment) and 30 on the elliptical.

This part was different. I generally work out alone, but I felt this burning, burning incredible need to beat my bestie. She’s my height, but far smaller. I have about 40lbs on her. On the stepper, it was easy-peasy maybe even lemon-squeezy. Then, we hit the elliptical. What I didn’t realize is that it is nothing like running! I beat her by 60 calories, and she just beat me by distance or we tied; I couldn’t catch her last minute stats. The difference was I was at a 10/random intensity (I love/hate this setting) and she was just at flat 4, but, dammit, I wanted to beat her! I think the best part was the guy next to me checking out my stats, so maybe someone wanted to beat me or he was just wondering why I sounded like I was dying… whatever works.

She left, so I finished with some swimming and a trip to the sauna. I was too tired to actually do any hard swimming, so I goofed off. I did a few laps trying to take as few breaths as possible, then meandered my way back. I was by myself, so I took the opportunity to try to flip under water and spring off at the end of my lap. I managed to do a couple not swimming, but only had one time where I kinda did it while swimming. I spent about 2 years swimming laps while I was in the Navy, and I still cannot do the end of the lap flip. What-the-heck?! It’s not for lack of trying.

Then I came home to eat and say hallo to all of my wordpress friends.


6 thoughts on “The Grind

  1. I am rejoining our YMCA this week. We were going until about 5 months ago last year. One of my favorite machine is the stepper. I believe that it burns the most calories and it really help me with my hips. I am really ready to get physical again.

  2. That guy was CHECKING YOU OUT!!!!! I’m sorry but you beat your friend. She was at a flat 4, YOU were at a AWESOME RANDOM 10 <- THAT WINS every time in my book. YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!!!!! Placing the sash and bedazzled crown on your head. (wave to your adoring friends and followers sweetheart, you earned it. YOU ROCKED OUR SOCKS!!!)

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