My New Love: Jose

Yes, I now have a new love. It might not be running… It’s Zumba! (Ok, I still love running more). I did my first zumba today, and it was so amazing. It had this little Latino gay man dancing and running the class. I spent the whole time grooving, and it wiped me out. The best part was that Jose reminded me so much of dancing with my friend David. It was crazy; it was flash back heaven. His zumba was 3 parts energy to 2 parts sex. I’m still smiling about it, I’m going to try my darnest to go to his Thursday class.

“I picked a hellava class for my first zumba class.” He smiled and seemed surprised it was my first time. Something you may not know, I’m a great dancer. I can do many kinds of dancing, so I had no trouble following his crazy fast steps. I may have been the only one in the class that had enough breath to yell whoops back at him (runner’s lungs have the weirdest uses). I, then, finished with some boxing and swimming.

I still haven’t been able to get in a long run since I bought my running shoes. The weather is not cooperating 😦 . I’ve been working out, but I fear my run has suffered. I am about to start my second job, so hopefully I’ll have the energy to get out on Weds or Thursday for a run, since I’m working 12:30pm – 6am on Tuesday afternoon/night/weds morning…. At least that’s a one time thing: training at job 2 to normal hours at job 1 back to more training at job 2. I’m like, “More hours, more better!” And yes, I do watch Honey Boo Boo.


3 thoughts on “My New Love: Jose

  1. I strongly dislike Zumba. It’s probably because I have zero rhythm. I am so jealous of the people that just catch on and love it! I’m tripping over myself and acting a fool. Good for you though, it’s nice to switch things up!

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