1 resolution down.

I have already completed 1 of my resolutions. I made laundry detergent. I don’t think I did it quite right, but I am using it nevertheless. The first load seems clean. I’m drying my quilt and sheets now. I’m going to test it on the dog’s blankets next.


Rock on!


6 thoughts on “1 resolution down.

  1. that is awesome! i have been promising myself that i will learn how to make soaps and lotions for the longest time! i have pretty bad psoriasis so it would be in my best interest to make my own….BUT i just haven’t found the time in my o so busy schedule, what with the naps to take, the books to read and the blogs to write….i am just so overwhelmed!

    1. It really took like 20 mins one day and ten the next. It’s super quick for the powdered stuff (like 5 mins). Next month, I plan on doing so actual bars of soap. Maybe, I’ll send you a bar or two after they cure.

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