The day that never ends…

Today is a day that has yet to finish… I still have a shift of work tonight. My first night at the gas station. I kinda feel it’s beneath me; if you saw my monster of a resume, you’d probably agree.
The thing is that my friend needed helped (she manages a few of them), so I was like, “what the hay, why not?”. The problem is that she sorta gave me to another manager, her friend. So I sat there for a bit, and I was like “what the hay, why not?”.

Thus, I now work Sunday nights from 12am-6am at a gas station. I am knocking out my training this week (might have to do more, who knows?), so I’m working late night on a night when I already work. The ironic part is that I’m working in the gas station to basically cover the gas I buy each week. I drive a lot.

So after doing a couple of training hours for the gas station, I went to my behavioral therapy job. I finish my hours there, and decided I had to kill some time, as I may be the worst napper in history. Where did I go? You know where I went: the gym.

Thus, I have done my first Pilates class. The instructor was not the typical instructor “body type,” and I knew from previous experience that those type of instructors are generally beastly. Long story short, I was right. I was sore going in and very sore coming out. I tried to swim, but that wasn’t happening. I was too sore, so I just sat in the jacuzzi for like 20 mins. I thought about running tomorrow, but I think it may have to be a rest day both physically and literally.

In fact, I have a few goals for tomorrow: be able to walk even though my thighs are on fire, be able to sit up and not feel like my abs might spasm so hard that they break my back, I’d like to be able to move my neck (this is the reason I never do crunches, and it’s not my form, just my neck), and I want to sleep like a tree that has fallen in the forest and it might be like I’m sawing it too.


4 thoughts on “The day that never ends…

  1. Hey, how are you holding up? It’s been a while since you’ve posted. Is everything okay? Anyway, I hope all is well. Hope to see you posting around here again soon! 🙂

  2. Big congrats for working out – you must be exhausted – so much work and tough to work overnight and be a single mom. But good for you! You sound strong and motivated! love it.

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