I’m not dead, I promise.

Sorry, it’s been a clean week and more, since I’ve even looked at wordpress. I wish I had a good excuse as to why, but the real answer is that I have been really tired. I picked up my second job. It’s only once a week over night, but I had to get in my training so I’ve worked most days for the last 2 weeks. The problem really becomes that I have unintentionally flipped my sleep schedule. I’ve been so tired, getting almost no sleep or sleeping all day.

Hopefully, I manage to get that back in order (I should be napping right now). I’ve had normal life problems this week. One job didn’t pay me. My exhusband is being a twat, and I don’t use that word lightly; I’d take him to court if I could. I am so poor, I couldn’t afford a $15 dollar 5k. I lost my babysitter for Tuesdays. But these are all normal problems, so I’m not disheartened by them. I haven’t been able to sleep and I’ve gain 6 pounds in two weeks, but these are temporary too. And the Patriots lost -.- I’m a bit butt-hurt about that.

Lastly, I’ve been out to exercise maybe 3 times in two weeks. I was psyched to go at it this weekend, but I managed to catch a cold, so my chest hurts already. I will exercise tomorrow, either after work at 6:30am or later in the night, come hell or high water. I did attempt a run after work and dropping off my son at school this last week, but it was a disaster. I went with no plan and no sleep; I had been up for 20 something hours. My muscles were strong, but I had no energy. I spent the first mile convincing myself that my 15min miles were fine, because my body was taking a lot of shit, and it didn’t have enough energy to actually take names. Well after my pep talk(?), I was having a decent time. I decided to explore a different part of the park than my usual haunt, and, why not, I was feeling like a ghost anyways. So I jogged and wished I had my camera. Then, IT happened.

What is IT? All my run friends know what IT is. The number of doom, IT is a number 2. So, at this point, I’m a feeling a little chagrin. I was already running on steam… So, now, I’m about 1.5 miles away from a porta-potty. The best part is that I has used it before the run, and it was full of bugs, so amazingly gross that I would have cried a few years ago. The little bugs were something that I hadn’t recognized, a new form of tick, perhaps? At this point, I began the ancient dance of trying no to crap my pants and make it to the car or the bathroom in less than a century’s time. I was on the fence as I did my delicate dance of clenching just right to stop IT; did I want to go to my car and take my chances or did I want to use that blue rectangle of doom full of the harbingers of hell? Well, the story has a happy ending. I got myself home unscathed.

So that was the hardest job I’ve done all week.


One thought on “I’m not dead, I promise.

  1. I’m glad that you made it home ok. 🙂 Remember what John Lennon said? “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. It’s so true. I hope that this is a better week for you!

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