Weds Blues

Monday, after work and dropping the boy off at school, I did a quick 5 miler at my favorite run spot. I was exhausted and had been up for more than a day, but I enjoyed my run. I would have done more but I needed sleep. I took a 3 hour nap.

This was great until I got called in for overnight. I managed to squeak in another 2 hour nap. This lead to a tired night. I, again, dropped the kid off at school and got a whopping 4 hours of sleep. I worked later in the night, and went to bed with my son (I promised him a ‘sleep over’). I got a lousy night’s sleep, but sleep nonetheless.

Today, it was snowing, so my planned long run was shot. I just went to the gym. I didn’t really do much there though. I spent some of my time flirting, and the rest chatting in the hot tub. I’m tired now. I don’t feel great, but hopefully tomorrow I can run for a few hours.


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