Working on it.

Well, this week is a maelstrom of bad weather. Ive spent much of the week in too much pain to do anything. I have arthritis in my hips, and thanks to the shoddy weather, I remember why I thought I’d need a cane this winter. So I’ve been sleeping hardcore. I don’t feel bad about it; it’s been awesome. I did squeak in a ten miler, but I’m paying for it even now.

I am, however, going on a date today. I periodically try this particular misadventure from time to time. I would think my sparkling personality and charming wit would keep a person entertained. Unfortunately, this is never the case. The people that like me the most are the people that I like the least (unable to hold a conversation while trying to make me their actual mother). So, I go on a quest for drinks and have no more expectations on the world. Two fail marriages doesn’t leave a horrible mark on me but does attest to my terrible choice in men. Until the day I can clone myself, I will have inferior skills in picking people that don’t suck for me. Nobody is perfect   /sigh


10 thoughts on “Working on it.

    1. I second this! Enjoy the date if nothing else. I always loved dates because it provided a free meal and the chance, if anything, to get to know another human. And that can be fun. Sometimes.

      Feel better though and rest up. As a person with lupus that manifests itself as RA I know that pain. No fun.

  1. Have FUN on your date and this is an opportunity to put on your FAB clothes. ENJOY every second of being adored, catered to, the long glances, flip your hair on purpose and crack yourself up if nothing else. Flirt with him for no reason. Hell fake an accent, when you walk pretend you are on a catwalk and YOUR THEME MUSIC is playing, WORK IT!!! Have the best time, you deserve it. You are a STAR, like attracts like. YOUR perfect guy is coming to find you, keep shining baby girl!!!

  2. Change your mind, think about what you DO WANT. You have had years of thinking about that dude you don’t want. Start acting like he is already in your life, look GREAT, be smart (ya already are!) and SMILE:-) Nobody approaches folks that look like they are pissed off, we avoid those people:-p SMILE, and the boys, nice ones will come RUNNING after ya…

    1. I’ve got the smiling down and know know exactly what I want… I think about the looking great, but I’m working on it slowly.

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