Back to the Grind (and the date summary)

Well, let me start off on the date summary. I had an ok time, it started well but tapered off. I had a few drinks, so it wasn’t a total bust. He only txted me once since, so he’s pretty SOL. It’s funny, but I really only seem to go on dates where even I know that I’m out of their league. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that conceded; I think I might be girl-next-door cute, but I’m no 10. I’m perfectly ok with being a 6. Ah well…

I had a fun weekend. I spent friday/saturday at the animal shelter. My son and I had a good time. Sunday, my ex-husband,son, and I got to hang out. Not my idea of a good time. My son had a party, but afterwards he got a 45 minute chew out on his behavior at school. The best part is that it didn’t do anything but show an united front.

Tonight’s homework session was hell. Trying to convince a 6 year old to do work even when they’re bored is a bit like trying to snort and onion to get high (so it’s like tears). With a kid on the spectrum, it’s more like trying to snort an onion while walking on legos. So, I had the beautiful moments of making my son write an apology to his teacher (it actually went well) and the dubious pleasure of a complete meltdown in front of the family in which homework remains undone. He will have the equal pleasure of waking up early to finish it. For my sanity and his sake, he better be perfect in school tomorrow.

I did go to the gym today, but it was completely average.  


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