Physically wasted week.

I have to admit that the reason that I have not posted in a while is that I have slacked off on me exercise. I wish I could say I’ve done anything, but I haven’t. The weather has been hammering us like we’re at the motel after prom (a bunch of rounds with equal disappointment). I still have a good 4 inches of ice around my car (it’s been there at least two weeks). We keep getting snow after snow. The roads have sheets of ice on everywhere that isn’t a main thoroughfare and even some on those too. The state is pretty much out of salt, so there is nothing we can do out here. I’m terrified to drive, because my car is much like the awkward teen I mentioned above. So I’ve been sequestered at home for the most part with one gym day and one run in the last two weeks. Not only that but work keeps getting cancelled so I’ve had short pay checks for a month now.

I’ve even slacked off by eating dairy and at some points meat. This has been a horrible choice. Last Thursday, I had two hot dogs… I paid for those hot dogs. I was sick for 4 days. Four day, I was chained to the toilet. I spent that time dehydrated too, so I’ve learned that lesson. Those days exercise was out of the picture and the weather was nice. 😦

On the bright-side, I’m going to the gym today and I’m going to run on tomorrow or Friday, weather be damned!


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