I’m Such a Liar.

I said I’d post right after my run. I didn’t. I did run, but hell if I felt like typing. I’ve been such a slacker lately. Life sucks like that sometimes! On the brightside, my son was good in school for 3 whole days last week. I had two runs too!

So, let me tell you about last Friday. It was my birthday. My 30th birthday. I was unexcited. After a handful of really bad birthdays (last year my cousin tried to commit suicide on my birthday), I can’t help wanting to hide on my birthday. I went for lunch with my brother, mother, and son. It was to my sons favorite restaurant, which I’m tired of, but he had such a blast. It was hibachi and the chef paid him so much attention that he had a really great. Later in the day, I went to a bar with my mother and aunt, but I couldn’t get into it; I was unexcited

On the baby front? I’m officially on my first two week wait (TWW) since I was trying with my son 7 years ago. I’ve began the process this weekend and ovulated 2 days ago (2 days past ovulation/2DPO). Why am I putting all these acronyms you ask? Because, apparently, the “trying to get preggo community” has all these acronyms to confuse the crap outta everyone. The part I intentionally hadn’t really ruminated on was the fact that I have to assume I’m preggo already. That takes a lot of fun things out of my plans. No drinking, no smoking, no running (for a week or so), no aspartame, no long exercise. I’m gonna sit on my ass and be bored for a couple of weeks.

So help me, what will I do? Shop? Well that’s out too, ’cause I might be getting my big fat positive with the literal big and fat… /sigh


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