A Super D*cktastic Move

Yesterday, I missed my best friend’s bachlorette party. I was upset. My best friend of 20 years, btw

Let me start at the beginning. First, I was supposed to throw this party. Another bridesmaid took it upon herself to do it. Not only that, she didn’t tell me. I found out when another person mentioned it at the bridal shower. Talk about an angry awkward.

Next, the aforementioned bridesmaid decided not to send me an invite until she found out I knew about the party. And by invite… I mean invoice. So my birthday was shot. She wanted $175; I make $700 a month. No car insurance so I can go? Well, great… just great. After that she gave me a meet up time. Wouldn’t give me anything more.

The best part is that she told me to meet them at the Omni. I showed up and couldn’t find them or the room (which she refused to mention). Come to find out, she left out that it was the Omni in Boston… I live in RI. She sent to to a hotel in a different state… By the time I found out, I couldn’t afford all the travel to race up there. I cried for hours.

I hope she dies in a fire…


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