So, I’ve gone running a couple of times this week. I’ve been really cautious to keep myself from overheating. I can honestly say my runs have been pretty miserable.

My first run this week was a 5 miler. I ran my hilly loop one time (2.5 miles), then I walked. I had ate meat the night before and felt nice and green and pukey. So, I did a short walk, then I ran my favorite loop again. It was cold.

The next morning, I ran on the bike path. My distance was 8 miles, but I ran/walked it. I ran most of the first part and was about 50/50 on the second. After, I felt woozy all night. At least, the weather was pleasant.

So, at least, I know why I felt like crap. Friday morning (2rd run), I had a very faint 2rd line. I thought it was an evap line, so I bought a more sensitive brand. At this point, most of my readers should be like, “WTF is she talking about?” But some will know what I mean. I got my BFP. Remember what I said that stood for in an earlier post? No? Well, it means big fat positive.

This means that I have begun my journey in being a pregnant runner.

Well, I certainly didn’t think that one cycle with the sperm donor would be successful, but it was. I’m not technically late yet (I think, my cycle has never been perfectly regular), but I have got a bunch weak positives with my cheap brand (one I did right before this post to make myself feel good), and a pretty good one on the nice expensive test. So long as I don’t have an early miscarriage, I will be having a baby in early December. I’ll be getting a OBGYN this week.

Keep running!


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