Things I’ve done this week.

A few short runs and a day at the gym.


Met a doctor I didn’t like. The search goes on.

Worked an extra shift.

Had an appointment with my son’s psychologist and the school to address his behavior. The psychologist didn’t show, even though it was set up expressly for her. It was productive anyways. I now know that my son has more difficulties with his father, so there was a bonus.

Broke my 1 year of thrift clothes buying attempt. I found a bally’s hoodie for 2 dollars, and 2 skirts for 3 bucks each. Who can resist that?! I need some new bottoms, since my stomach is already tender. I also have almost no short sleeve shirts for work. Some of the stuff I bought will not work now; I also put away some of my tighter clothes so I can ignore the temptation.

Got asked by a pimp, if I would like to be a hoe. I took it as a compliment to my looks.


One thought on “Things I’ve done this week.

  1. Well, there’s a compliment you don’t receive every day, lol…you’ve still got it!
    And yay for well-timed good deals!

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