15 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Runner


The Improbable Runner

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Whether you’ve got your eye on a certain special runner, or if you’ve already got one in your life, there’s a few things you should know!


15)Runners, on average need to be fed every 2 hours. Otherwise we enter a state known as H-ANGRY. This is irritable rage that possesses a runner when our blood sugar drops below 50% carb. Under no circumstances ask a runner to answer a question or perform a complex task when H-ANGRY. For example, moving our muddy compression socks from the kitchen work top.

Hangry Bunny Hangry Bunny Is H-AngryThe best foods to get us out of this state are pasta, rice and cake.

14)If you’ve got a foot fetish you might wanna look for a date in other sport. Our feet are nasty.

hobbitfeet 13)Be prepared for some nasty conversations about bodily functions

12)All runners, male or female are obsessed with shoes to the point…

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