What’s up?

Well, sorry for the long awaited update. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

Let me start with the wedding. The girl that had screwed me at the party continued at the wedding. She took the ring and tried to take control of the wedding party. The bride let her, but whatever. My oldest friend has no spine. Found out she’s moving to Maine in August. Other than that the wedding with beautifully.

Next, I had a very unsuccessful run.

I had had very light bleeding for a week. I went to the doctors, but everything was fine. After the run, I discovered that exercise exacerbated it. So I have not done any exercise… I’m packing on the pounds. This was probably a good decision, seeing as how I ended up in the ER last Thursday with bleeding. It was pretty terrifying. On the brightside, every thing was ok and I stopped bleeding on Saturday.

Other bad news, my godfather died on Weds. My cousin flew in (her father), as I was in a hospital. I got her from the train station. I spent most of the week babysitting her. She’s a “recovering” alcoholic. I know that she has been waiting for the family to fall asleep and drinking. So far, I know about a 1/2 bottle of vodka and 1/2 bottle run and a bottle of wine. I found a hidden nip too, so yeah recovering my arse.

Lastly, my next appointment is for Tuesday. I invited my mother to see the ultrasound, so hopefully it will go well. I haven’t been eating vegan, but I going back (hard to turn down free food). I really hope that I get cleared to move around. I’m bored outta my mind. My son’s vacation sucked, since we haven’t been able to do anything. Yesterday was supposed to be our big adventure day, but I spent it in the hospital with my cousin instead. I have to work tonight, do the funeral tomorrow, and bring my cousin and my son back Friday. /Sigh


2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Glad the bleeding thing has resolved. I had that with one of my pregnancies & it freaked me out. It was sudden & very heavy. But it turned out to be OK.
    I hope you can move around soon, too!

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