The unfun Run

So this week, I got two, count em’, two runs in this week. This has been the first time in about a month I’ve felt healthy enough to do one.  And THEY SUCKED!

Seriously, I ran as fast as I walk. I broke it up into 1.5 mile runs with walk in-between. Generally, I don’t do that, ’cause I have never been good at going after stopping, but I was trying to keep my core temp down for the baby. I only did about 4.5 on day one and 3 on day two.

It felt like my first runs in February in last year. I felt slow. My joints hurt. I think I even waddled 😦

But it was a run, and I was happy to do it. I missed it and hope that soon it will not hurt so much and I’ll be able to go a better distance.


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