Today I’m sad.

Today is already scheduled to be difficult. It started with me needing to give my brother a ride to his college, but I woke him up and he’s like, “I’m gonna need a little time; like and hour or more.”  So this leads me to the question of why am I up?

Fair enough, young men are flakes (older ones too). Later today, I have an IEP meeting at my son’s school. This will be unfun. I have to see my ex (and maybe my son, I hope). I get to drive up there but I have no gas, so yay. Then we get to talk about what they plan on doing to stop his Autistic behaviors. He’s been violent, loud, and defiant. This wouldn’t be so bad, but I have told his father that he’s not going back to that school. There may be a fight afterwards, after the teachers disappear. He’s going to be “see they’re doing better,” which I’m going to disagree with.

Today, I also made the horrible mistake of weighing myself. I’m way more heavy than I thought. Admittedly, it’s probably more intestinal backup than real weight. It doesn’t hurt less though. With that, I am promptly returning to mostly vegan, mostly because I’ll keep a few vegetarian meals a week. I’m going to try my hardest not to see this as a diet. I know it’s wrong, but it will at least help with the back up, so I can know how big I’ve actually gotten, so that I can adjust my intake from there.

So, I’m sad today. Hopefully, my Aunt takes me for the promised shopping trip today, but I’m not expecting it. She’s the biggest welch on the planet. Yeah, sad.

Did I mention my long term lack of love life? Who wants to date a pregnant chick?


8 thoughts on “Today I’m sad.

  1. You should so something small and nice for yourself, even if it’s just taking yourself for a walk and talking yourself up. I’m getting excited about weird small things lately. I plan to go to the dollar store on my day off to buy a couple organizers that I want to DIY up… and I am outrageously thrilled to do so. Make something big out of something small. It’s very motivating. Though, sometimes a sad day is just necessary. I hope things look up soon.

      1. I remember you mentioning that. What conventions do normally go to? I’m a bit out of them myself these days, but I go to a few in the South/ South East to help with a friend’s business.

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