A Nice Day.

Lately, I’ve been having kinda crappy days. This might be enhanced by not running (I’m waiting for friday to buy a support band). But today was nice. Something that hasn’t happened in a good long time, in fact, has happened.

Yes, I got hit on. Ok, so it has been a long time that someone not high, good-looking, or my own age has hit on me (that’s because I work at a gas station over night on sundays, so I get those types). It was really nice. I certainly didn’t drop the preggo bomb yet, but I did give him my number, which he is currently texting. I’m not sure at what point I should drop that, but I’m going to milk it a bit; my ego could use it. I am, however, rusty like a push mower. Dunno if I’m cutting it 🙂


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