What I did today.

So, I’ve been pretty quiet, but my life has been boring. I’ve been out running a handful of times, including today. I even went for a walk with a friend. So I had a exercise day.

Yesterday was more exciting. I set up a playdate for my son. We went to a lake. It had a life guard and about five kids total. My son is about the size of a 4 year old (but he’s 7). He also cannot swim. My friend was playing with him and let him go. The problem is that her daughter (same age) is much much bigger. He totally went under and she didn’t notice. Luckily, I was nearby and pulled him up (about 5 feet away). He was shoot up, but felt reassured that mom would save him. Later in the day, he actually tried and almost successfully to swim. Generally, he refused to go under at all.

I also put out a fire. Not a campfire, but a fire on the side of the road. It was in the shrubbery around a business. I pulled over and used water from my car to put it out (I had a lot of water). It was only about a square foot when I saw it and pulled over. No one else had stopped. Guess, I did a good thing, ’cause when I went by later it was still out.



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