The Birth.

Anna Jo

The birth development actually started on Nov. 25th. I went into the doctors and was 5cm dilated. I was excited and thought I’d deliver that weekend… I was wrong. A week later I was still only 5cm.

My due date was Dec. 5th. The day before, my doctor decided to induce me, since she was worried that I’d have a baby in the car; I also think the was the on call too, so it would be easy for her. Unfortunately, the hospital was booked. The doctor decide to somehow direct admit me from the office, somehow.

When I got there, the midwife said she would stretch my cervix and say that I was in pain and 7cm. Well, I was ready to put on an Oscar performance. I still wasn’t having many contractions, and they were not consistent. It didn’t happen though. I was actually 7cm upon arrival. I wasn’t surprised since I had done that with my son too.

Needless to say, I got direct admitted to the hospital. I had breakfast and then just went to the hospital ready to illustrate my acting chops. I acted uncomfortable, but as I was checking in, and nurse came down and was like, “get her upstairs, now!”. I joke with her that she had to deliver a baby a year anyways. She replied that it was December, and she had obviously already done that this year.

So, I didn’t have to act. They were all amazed that I was fine. The next step was to break my water. The doctor also wanted to give me pictocin. I was not happy about it, but decided to trust my doctor. After that contractions began. I spent time chatting with the nurse and the resident.

I was forced to stay on my side, since whenever I turned to my back, my blood pressure would skyrocket. All I wanted to do was walk around and forgo the pain killers. But, I had encountered a familiar enemy: Pictocin.

Apparently, my body is hyper-sensitive to pictocin. After a few hours, my contraction were not stop (literally). I was rolling and crying out in agony. Well, since I couldn’t walk around anyways, I was like “f* this,” and chose to get an epidural. The nurse had to shut off the pictocin to give me a break to get it, and poof, all better.

After this, the pain was gone. It was basically, pretty easy. I could somewhat feel my legs. There was only one point where I was too numb to move. At that point the nurse asked my to roll over some more, but I heard lift your bum. At my super failing attempt, the nurse thought I was having a seizure. It was pretty hilarious.

Right after 6pm the nurse told me to do the obligatory practice push to determine how long it would take, so I did a paltry push. I pushed 2.5 hours with my son before having an emergency c-section and was pretty convinced that I was not the best pusher. During the push, however, the nurse yelled “STOP!”. She then explained that she again did not want to deliver a baby, and that if I continued she would have to.

So the doctor came pretty quickly. It only took 2 pushes, she came out.


was born Dec. 5th at 6:15pm. She weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 19 1/4in.


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