The Journey to My Daughter.

As some of you may remember, I used a donor. This donor that I found was not a traditional one. I used a local donor without the aid of a bank.

I got pregnant on my first cycle, right after my 30th birthday. I kept running for 6 months during my pregnancy, but it was often touch and go. Early on I had bleeding, which ended up being a cervical polyp. I also had some unexplained bleeding during points in the pregnancy.

Other than that, I had a pretty easy pregnancy. I spent months 3-5 thinking I was having a boy. I was wrong. I had a handful of cravings and managed to be able to get up under my own power.

I gained 38lbs. I was not pleased by this but managed to keep eating normally. As an anorexic in recovery, this was a tough burden. I did move from vegan to vegetarian to omnivore during the pregnancy (currently back to vegetarian). \

Overall, I stayed healthy and worked throughout the pregnancy and it was much easier than my first.


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