I thought that in honor of my birthday I would post a new concept. I am going to put 30 things that I hate about myself and tomorrow I will post 31 things I love about myself. The idea is that I like myself just a bit more every year. Steal my Idea if you like and read the post if you really feel like it.

1. I’m moody

2. I think that I’ve got mediocre looks

3. Food makes me anxious

4. I’m not ambitious

5. I waste my intelligence

6. I’m a narcissist

7. I find it hard to find friends

8. I’m emotionally distant

9. I’m lazy

10. I feel fat

11. I have horrible thoughts

12. I yell too much

13. I swear more

14. I hate my stomach more than I can express

15. I hate the loose skin that makes my pants fall down

16. I’m an asshole deep inside

17. Sometimes, I can’t find value in myself

18. I’m a know it all

19. I don’t believe I will ever have a healthy romantic relationship

20. I’m poor because I’m unmotivated

21. I’m inconsistent

22. I’m hairy

23. I’m easy to anger

24. I’m lonely

25. I don’t keep up on awesome skills like drawing, writing, and bilingual-ness

26. I’m not a morning person

27. Pants don’t fit me because I’m short

28. I burn food

29. Mostly because I’m impatient

30. Everyone likes me, but hates me just as much

I wonder if my good qualities will be as easy to write.


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