For the second half of my post, I will list 31 qualities that I like about myself.

1. My intellect.

2. My charisma.

3. My fearlessness.

4. My incredible understanding of people.

5. My hourglass shape.

6. My physical strength.

7. My levelheadedness in emergencies.

8. I’m a rock if I need to be.

9. I’m great at simple solutions.

10. I read abnormally fast.

11. I also never really need more than one pass to recall what I’ve read.

12. I’m a great teacher.

13. My willpower.

14. I can sleep any which way.

15. My ability to master almost anything.

16. My persistence.

17. I make great kids.

18. My thick skin.

19. My tattoos.

20. I’m a nerd.

21. I’m creative.

22. I give good advice.

23. I’m an incredible worker.

24. I stand up for people when they can’t.

25. I’m a natural debater.

26. I’m a foodie.

27. I can lie very well; fake it until you make it.

28. I’m trustworthy.

29. I can dance.

30. I’m open.

31. I’m experienced.

And there you have it. By the way it was much harder than the other list, but it evoked good feelings.


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