A glimmer.

I’ve been having a good week. It’s been a while since I have been able to say that. I finally have plans in my heart again and some urge to complete it. It’s a nice change. My bestie came down from Maine. She basically took me out for an afternoon and let me vent. I think it gave me a little push. I also felt lucky when I got a jumper from Target for 11 buck, which I really needed and the baby actually likes (unlike her bed or the swing).

So the plan starts with my taxes this weekend.

This week, I will call work and leave the case I’m working, because no one will watch my new baby. I’ll offer up working weekends on a new case, because that is the only time I can get babysitting. I will also ask for references.

I will update my resume next week and start looking for new work, hopefully from the hours of 10-2, with maybe a work from home option.

I will go to my local unemployed office and try to get a free ride into CNA or phlebotomy.

I will reapply to college in April to complete my BAs in the fall (I got really ill during my last semester and never returned).

I will do some free college courses in the summer and brush up on my Mandarin

I will use my tax return to get Zumba certified and maybe Reiki certified.

I will use income from those to get Yoga instructor certified and other related certs probably focusing on plus size clients.

This will give me plenty of opportunities for flexible work hours.

So I see a silver lining for the first time in months. Go me.


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