Snuck in a run

Catching up.

I did get some of my list accomplished. I ran some feelers out of getting a reiki certification. I got the ok from my work to go back for Saturdays (still no Friday babysitter). Got a reference. Got an oil change. I know it’s not much but it’s something.

Got some cloths donated to me (most of them fit, but not the ones I liked the most) and bought a few pairs of pants. I found a dress for $5 dollars, but didn’t get it and I totally regret it. I needed pants more and only had $10 bucks left from my birthday. I spent $20 total, the other $40 I got went into my gas tank. I did manage to get a jumper for $10.97 at Target. I was there to look at jumpers, so that was awesome.


I bet I can get someone to give me a $5 so that I can actually go get that dress and one for my god-daughter on Saturday for her party.

Importantly, I actually got in a run.

I also made brownies and ate like a pig.

Maybe it evens out.


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