Not a Bad Day

I could watch this all day.

Today was a pretty good day. The weather got up to about 48°F and sunny, so I went for a run.

As always, I take some time thinking when I run. Today’s thought “why is this so flippin’ hard?”

Well, I came up with an answer. First, I weigh 30lbs more than before I got pregnant. I was also pushing at least 20lbs of baby and stroller. This means it’s like running with a 50lb vest. Not only that, but it’s not a jogger. Also, it’s incredibly harder to run when you can’t swing your arms.

Overall? 3 miles with 3 short walks on the hills.


One thought on “Not a Bad Day

  1. Those first steps are always the worst! That’s when you think “I need to lose weight before I can run”…or you wear some tight spandex and hope it holds the jiggly parts firmly…

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